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What will BADU do for you ?

Now any pool can become a lap pool with a Badu® SwimJet System.
Aquatic exercise is one of the best exercises you can do. Gentle and soothing — with no stress on joints or bones — swimming has historically been a superior method for staying in shape.

Now you can create an aquatic workout center and a virtual water park in your own backyard and enjoy all the benefits of this exceptional water therapy. With a Badu SwimJet System from Speck Pumps, you’ll burn calories, strengthen muscles and soothe body aches by swimming against a gentle or increasingly insistent current. You control the degree of workout you want — building body, mind and spirit.


Badu SwimJet Systems are synonymous with the highest level of quality you’ve come to expect from German engineering. In fact, 95% of all SwimJet Systems installed in the U.S. are made by Speck Pumps — proof that our SwimJet products are the best. Why settle for second best when you can have a Badu SwimJet System in your pool?

Any pool, large or small, can provide a mild to Olympic-style workout with endless swimming. Whatever type of pool you currently own or plan to build, a Badu SwimJet System will increase overall use and value. Badu SwimJets offer the ultimate in flexible installation options and exercise levels.

Outfitted with a Badu SwimJet System, your pool can become a lap pool providing well paced aerobic exercise, or a treadmill for swimming and various levels of exercise, or simply a place for family fun reminiscent of a water park. Swim, play, exercise, relax – the benefits of the Badu SwimJet System are enjoyed by all ages without the cost of a lap pool.


A SwimJet System creates a current within otherwise still water. To accomplish this, the water is pumped into the pool through one, two, or three specifically engineered large recessed jet nozzles. These nozzles are mounted in an underwater housing in the pool wall or in a housing installed over the wall.

The water pump that comes with the system works specifically with the SwimJet nozzles to create a current of up to 5,700 GPM. The jet nozzles can be adjusted to change the depth and width of the current for an enjoyable experience or a low impact water exercise.

As a bonus, a massage hose can be attached to a jet nozzle to produce a pulsating, refreshing massage like no other.


A Badu SwimJet System can be installed in any type pool, new or existing, large or small, from gunite and fiberglass to vinyl liner. Each Badu SwimJet System comes with a complete, easy-to-follow installation guide and a customer assurance hotline for tech support.

Consult your physician before attempting any strenuous exercise. This product may not be challenging or satisfying for all levels of exercise.


Image The full-featured BaduJet offers suction and discharge in the unique, patented, one-piece dual (or single) nozzle housing. Volume control and on/off button are conveniently located on the face of the jet housing.


IMAGE The BaduStream II Jet System offers many different packages in a wide price range, to satisfy a variety of exercise styles and budgets. The system accommodates installation in limited space and varying pool wall designs.


IMAGEThe BaduStream Over-the-Wall Unit provides great exercise and terrific recreational fun for existing pools. The entire system comes complete in a self-contained box and is easy to install. All you need is the kit, an electrician and a pool. It’s perfect for your existing pool.

Which Badu System is right for you ?


  • Available as a single-nozzle ClassiC or a dual-nozzle super-sport.
  • Volume control (super-sport only) and on/off button are conveniently located on the face of the BaduJet housing.
  • Water intake is nearly undetectable with Speck’s unique housing design.
  • Pulsating massage hose is included with the system.
  • System is winterized in the same manner as any underwater pool plumbing component.
  • The ClassiC housing cover is available in black.


  • The most powerful dual pump jet system available, providing maximum resistance for the more athletic swimmer and perfect or a lazy river effect or boggie boarding.
  • The BaduStream II can be used as a single, double or triple jet system with one or two pumps.
  • The combination of triple jets and two pumps provide ultimate performance for higher levels of exercise.
  • With two jets, it is perfect for the recreational swimmer with an intermediate level of exercise.
  • For swimmers who prefer the economy of a narrow stream and faster jet operation, then the single jet system is suitable.
  • Each BaduStream II jet is a flush mounted anti-entrapment combination fitting in its own housing.
  • The BaduStream II can be installed in vinyl liner, steel wall, fiberglass and gunite pools.
  • Options include a therapeutic pulsating massage hose, perfect for relaxing after a workout.
  • The housing cover is available in white, grey, and black, in both round and square shapes.
  • Winterization is easy with Speck’s winter cover kit, which fits directly over the face of the BaduStream Jet System.


  • An easy addition to any existing swimming pool. No need to excavate for plumbing and jet installation. Simply install the unit over the edge of your existing pool wall.
  • The entire system comes complete in a self-contained box, with unit-to-control box cable and mounting hardware. ( Electrical hook-up requires a licensed electrician.)
  • Pulsating massage hose is included with system.
  • To winterize, simply remove the unit from the pool, drain and store.

The Badu SwimJet Systems are the only VGB-compliant current-producing systems available.