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Pool Covers

At Aquatecture we offer Automatic covers with new pool construction, and Safety/Winter covers for all pools.  Because whether you already have a pool, or you’re just planning to build one, always remember that a pool without a pool cover is like a house without a roof.

An Automatic Pool Cover is the best way to optimize your pool investment.

Aquatecture highly recommends automatic pool covers because:
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  1. They save energy if you’re heating your pool.
  2. They keep your pool cleaner by preventing dirt and debris from entering.
  3. They provide a safety barrier which is valuable when you’re not around.
  4. It’s a built-in “winter cover” for the off-season.
  5. It can be designed to fit ANY pool.
  6. And it’s SUPER EASY to use. Just the click of a button!

We primarily use automatic covers from CoverPools®, because they produce the world’s finest pool automatic covers.  Once you have an automatic cover, you’ll wonder why anyone would ever own a swimming pool without one.  It protects family and friends, and ensures that your swimming pool will remain the outstanding source of fun and enjoyment it was always intended to be.

Be sure to tell your pool designer that you want an AUTOMATIC COVER on your new pool project!

Safety/Winter Pool Covers

We recommend mesh fabric safety pool covers from Meyco, because:Meyco Pool Covers Logo

  1. The mesh prevents buildup of water, thus eliminating the need to pump off excess water.
  2. They can be designed to fit ANY pool.
  3. They’re lightweight, yet super-strong, and built to last many years.
  4. Available in 5 different beautiful colors, including green, blue, black, mocha and stone gray.
  5. Easy installation – typically just 5 minutes!

Meyco Pool Covers has long been the leader in swimming pool cover manufacturing. From the original concept and design of the safety cover, to the present state-of-the-art cover exceeding ASTM standards, Meyco has developed a fine expertise in designing covers, large and small, simple and complex.
When you’re ready for your new safety pool cover from Aquatecture and Meyco, just give us a call! 973-667-8048

For more information about pool covers, please give us a call at (973) 667-8048.